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in collaboration with "009 Architetti"

Design and production

Art deserves its sofa.

Would you watch TV if you weren't sitting comfortably on your sofa? How many times, visiting a museum, would you have wanted to sit comfortably to immerse yourself in the contemplation of an artwork? Or just sit down. Beunperfect and 009 Architecture Studio created 'Museo Sofa', the sofa designed ad hoc to best contemplate the artworks. Modular chairs oriented to the walls, to admire the art by allowing yourself the necessary time and comfort for a slow visit of the museums. A modular idea in terms of seats and dimensions, adaptable and functional to any museum.

The prototype, designed by beunperfect and 009 Architecture Studio, has been realized entirely handmade by an Italian craftsman for the Ursuline Museum at Palazzo Ferrini, Calvi dell'Umbria, Italy, hosting the precious collection of artworks Chiomenti -Vassalli.

Year: 2019 

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Provino Seduta dedicata Museo Calvi.jpg
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