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  • Pocket card holder with removable notebook.

    A tiny accessorie to carry everywhere.

    A new creation entirely handmade in France, in collaboration with Atelier MILLIMÈTRE.

    Limited and numbered edition.


    BEUNPERFECT designs and handmade the card holder in Paris.

    Card holder dimensions: 10.5 x 7.5 cm

    Materials: Italian calfskin, mineral tanning.

    Production time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


    MILLIMÈTRE designs, folds and hand stitched the notebooks in Dijon.

    Notebook dimensions: 10 x 7 cm

    Materials: 120g French recycled paper, cellulose cover, cotton thread.

    Production time: 20 min

    Notebooks paper for markers, ink, and watercolors.

  • Calf leather mineral tanned has a raw and natural appearance, because it is not covered with a protective polymer layer. This process confers to the product a unique aspect and an incredible touch. Any small imperfections and leather veins are an absolute guarantee of the genuine leather and its evolution over time. Stains, scratches, and patina are an integral part of the aging process of your object. The differences in shades and gradation of colors, as well as the possible alterations of the material should be considered as a guarantee of quality.



    Avoid contact with water. Known for its patina, the use of cleaning products is not advised during the first years of use. However, be careful not to soak the leather too much as this may discolor or harden it. In case of stain, swab immediately the entire affected area with a cotton cloth wetted with water, and let it dry naturally.


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